17 years and counting in nursing

When did you join Maximus?

I began 17 years ago in July 2006 to undertake file work only as a Nurse Functional Assessor. I was the first nurse in South Wales to become a Nurse Assessor at file work for Incapacity Benefit (IB) and Disabled Living Allowance (DLA).

How has your role developed?

Immensely. I remained a HCP for a few years gaining experience and knowledge of the business and the benefits, before progressing to Nurse Team Leader for Wales. I was responsible for all the nurses in Wales at that time and supported with necessary travel.

Exciting opportunities

When Maximus won the new contract from Atos Healthcare, I was supported by TUPE and in applying for the several new roles that would open opportunities for me.

I was successful for the role of Assessment Centre Manager for Cardiff, the largest Assessment Centre in Wales.

What training, support or opportunities have you taken advantage of?

I was trained in Serious Complaints Training and Audit, and already had qualifications in Management and Teaching, but developed in these areas by taking part in leadership and interview training.

Can you tell us about any highlights of your career?

The key moment was when I first felt I had made a positive impact on the customer journey using my nursing knowledge in a very different way to my previous Clinic Role, that of Trauma and Orthopaedic Nursing Practitioner and Lecturer.

I had made a positive impact on the customer journey using my nursing knowledge in a very different way.

Making an impact

I could also reflect on my own personal journey with health and disability and felt able to better understand the impact on functional ability within everyday life and the challenges some of our customers face.

Support from the wider team

There were challenges along the way but with Occupational Health support and determination on my part, I always felt included and provided for by my managers and the senior operations teams.

What are your plans for the future?

I am enjoying my role – my team is growing, and hybrid working has been well received by all. I am definitely looking forward to the changes ahead positively and am certainly open to any suitable progression opportunities.

I do not have a plan mapped out but I never have - I follow my destiny and always use positive affirmations to guide me.