Thriving as a DEI champion

When did you join Maximus?

I joined in November 2019 as a Business Administrator. I waited for around one year to be offered a job position as my partner was working for two years as a Healthcare Practitioner (HCP) and I was dreaming to have this job opportunity.

How has your role developed since then?

I am still a Business Administrator but have made very good improvements. I have had the chance to do a Business Administrator apprenticeship and am hoping the new certificate and skills will help me to progress.

Last year, I joined a reciprocal mentoring programme offered by Maximus which I did alongside Amber Sorrel, our former Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. It was an amazing opportunity to learn and grow and I am very grateful for this experience.

What training, support or opportunities have you taken advantage of to support this progression?

I am a DEI Champion alongside Sarah Greenwood, one of our Doctor Functional Assessors, and we receive very positive feedback about our work and efforts.

I am also part of the MaxAbility board. 2023 for me was a productive year and made me more aware of the work we need to do. We have many plans to spread more awareness around disability.

What key moments come to mind when you think about your time with Maximus?

The effort Amber put in to help me find my voice and be me without fear and with more strength. Being a woman at my age, in a different country and starting a new life project, was a massive thing and Amber helped me gain more confidence.

Another special moment was to be able to talk with our UK Divisional President, Dr Paul. I felt he listened to me and treated me with the same respect as other managers and directors.

Being a Business Administrator and dealing directly with the Head of Department is huge. I was able to share more about my mental health and things I tried to hide previously because of fear and shame.

I’ve also organised the Alzheimer's Elf Day for three years in our Nottingham office, and raised money for Alzheimer's Society with the support of many people from the company.

I’ve had the chance to be an advocate at work about many subjects close to my heart such as DEI, MaxAbility and others, with dedicated time provided by my line manager when possible.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans are definitely to be working for Maximus in the UK, be part of DEI and MaxAbility and hopefully grow with the business. My goal for my retirement is to work as a volunteer. I am flexible and can embrace different passions, especially if they are related to helping people.

My university experience in Portugal was in Social Services and Community Development, and I believe an apprenticeship in CRS (Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability) will enable me to consider a career in something I believe and give back to the community.